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EVENING SERIES 1: Sunday 28th April

After a very windy weekend the breeze finally dropped to F3 NW for the first race in BHYC'S Evening Series. Five Handicap dinghies and five Scows presented themselves for the two starts.

First away and leading the handicap fleet around the course, (G, D, O, all to port), Duncan Bates in the Wayfarer caught the fading breeze and made good time out of the Harbour. In hot pursuit was Gareth Jones in his Solo and Roger and Gill Herbert, going well but unable to recover from OCS at the start. Linda sailed a good race in her Swan with Will Morris as crew but in the fading conditions was unable to make a good enough time to catch the leaders on handicap. Grainne's Pico found the distance to D daunting and threw in the towel with 20 minutes to go before sunset, preferring the comfort of a tow back to Base. The fleet was finished at Buoy 9.

  • 1st Duncan Bates and Ed
  • 2nd Gareth Jones
  • 3rd Roger and Gill Herbert

In the Scow fleet, after many position changes down the harbour, Estelle Rayment showed her experience, caught every puff of fading breeze and led from number 9 to the finish. Andy and Sarah Jane gave in to the frustration of the dying breeze and retired, but Jon Mills and Chris Girling kept going to finish under 1 hour 15mins in 2nd and 3rd places respectively. The Scow fleet was also finished at Buoy 9.

  • 1st Estelle Rayment
  • 2nd Jonathan Mills
  • 3rd Chris Girling

Great work from patrol boat helms Mike and Sandy keeping the RO well informed and providing clear finishing times. New recruit Andy Steward did a brilliant job to get the results printed and posted online within minutes of the finish.

BHYC Race Team

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