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Frostbite Series

Race 13, Sunday 4th December 2016:

A fine turnout of 8 Scows, 3 Slow and 2 Fast handicap braved a cold yet blustery day to enjoy Race Officer Martyn Davies's harbour course.
A single start ensured another regatta style photo opportunity and all boats made a good clean get away, even the Pico of Grainne Andrews, who arrived late, claimed it was a 13.30 start and then ran away to rig / launch / start!

Fast Handicap:
1st Karl Schafer, 2nd Pip Andrews.

Slow Handicap:
1st Sarah Gabbani, 2nd Grainne Andrews, 3rd Harry Slatter

1st Peter Hayward, 2nd Jodie Spence, 3rd Jerry Summers

Frostbite Series

Race 11, Sunday 27th November 2016:

A combined start for all fleets ensured there was no hanging about on a cold blustery November morning - the lack of coffee available only adding to the general feeling that it was almost time to put the Christmas decorations up.
A combined fleet of 5 Fast, 2 Slow handicap and 6 Scows braved the NE 3/4 with, as described by Race Officer Robin Lobb, "lumpy" seas on a windward leeward course just out of the harbour.
The wind direction allowed for a good reach up through the harbour and the combined start making for quite a nice picture - all that was missing was someone to take it.

Fast H/cap was taken by Martyn Davies with Roger Herbert and William Morris second and third respectively. Peter Hayward took fourth.

Slow H/Cap was won by Kristian Schafer over Grainne Andrews, there being only 2 in the class out today.

The Scow fleet showed six entrants with Jerry Summers triumphing over Keith Gentleman and Chris "Winalot" Wilkinson. Peter Webb DNF with Mike Bottoms & Andy Pavey OOD.

(We need to work on the coffee provision - you don't see many hacks without a Starbucks clamped to their left hand!)


Frostbite Series

Race 10, Sunday 20th November 2016:

Scow Fleet
5 Scows took to the water, with Peter Webb deciding to visit the underside of his boat prior to the start for a quick look around and then stating he would retire as long as he could get a start in - clearly OCS at the start, he dried out enough to race the course and retired at the finish.
A quick windward leeward course set by Race Officer Roger Herbert ensured the entire fleet had to venture out of the confines of the harbour to face the remnants of Storm Angus.
This was not a day for sailing in polo shirts and shorts! Leading the fleet home with a corrected time of 41' 50" was that man Wilkinson again, followed by Jerry Summers and Jodie Spence making up the podium places with 2nd & 3rd respectively.

Slow Handicap
The single entry of Grainne Andrews ensured that she had both line honours and came first with the corrected time of 49' 14" and a visit from a seal at the start line. You have to be in it to win it!

Fast Handicap
The two boats of Martyn Davies and Peter Hayward with Pip Andrews as crew were the only fast handicap boats out today.
Racing the same course as the rest of the fleet, they made short work as the skies again darkened.
Line honours went to Martyn Davies with Peter Hayward coming second.

General Notes
Having failed in his first competitive race and being left with the washing up, James Gabbani was left to play support boat, the cheap welly boots giving away the fact that summer racing is much more fun!
As always, thanks must go to the Race Officer and his on-water support crews, without whom, none of this would be possible..

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Happy Sailing!

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